Meet our tailor made brand packs, each one designed to fit your needs


Improve the appearance of your current logo by continuing the use of the brand with a bigger effectiveness.

• Brand Analysis

• Brand Attributes Review

• Logo Evolution & Redesign

• Business Card

• Files for offline and digital use


Especially interesting for brands:
• Whose logo has become old
• Whose logo has potential for improvement
• Whose logo is a valuable capital

Achieved effects:
• Brand refreshment
• Improve attributes transmission
• Better brand differentiation
• Reconnect with current target publics


Deep redefinition and new graphic personality.  

• Brand Analysis

• Brand Attributes Review


• Logo Conceptualization & Design

• Basic stationery

• Social media covers

• Files for offline and digital use


Especially interesting for brands:
• Who want to radically change their image
• Who don’t have a real brand purpose
• Who need to reconnect with their publics
• Who are, somehow, lost

Achieved effects:
• Transmit a unified brand message
• Surprise your audiences and acquire new ones
• Get a meaningful brand
• A much more attractive graphic proposal


Say hi to the world right from the spotlight.   

• Brand Analysis

• Brand Attributes Definition


• Logo Conceptualization & Design

• Style Guide

• Stationery and social media covers

• Files for offline and digital use

Especially interesting for brands:
• That have not yet come to light
• That are looking for a new beginning

Achieved effects:
• Optimal visual and meaning effect
• A soul driven brand
• A unique graphic and textual universe
• Ensure message coherence
• A successful brand path to walk over time
• K.O. the competitors


If you have any needs not included in our service packs, no worries. You can add all the toppings you need to start with a check mark on all important points.


Market Analysis
If you are taking your product to the market party make sure you know who the guests are. Whether you have knowledge about your competitors or not, we can offer you a report, some data and our opinion so you have some useful information to frame the situation.


Brand Manual
Having a Brave Brand is a good beginning, but of course you want to see it grow. A brand manual is a important tool for every business that helps you, and everyone in your organization, to know how to make use of it in every occasion.


Brand Naming
You have a great product idea but you don’t know what to call it? Don’t worry, it happens even in the best families. Just tell us and we will work hard with you to get a product name that makes your business objectives and purposes feel happy.


Basic Website
Having a website is a must for every product or service, but you already know that. Let’s talk and together we will find an easy, beautiful and perfectly branded web proposal so you have all you need to make your customers feel safe in your company.


Custom Need
Maybe you have special needs that we have not detailed in our service description. Just tell us and we will explain how we can help you to achieve those specific goals with the skills and experience of our team at an affordable price.